I guess my real name should be Captain Mary Amy Belle Emma Tinkerbell Grantham

Maybe you've seen the results of those online quizzes... or maybe you haven't and I'm the only one looking at people's Facebook feeds... 

Anyway... there are a slew of quizzes at places like one named in the image above so you can find out things like "Which Celeb Should Be Your Roomate". You can also finally answer the question "Which Character From The Princess Bride Are You?"

I'm usually not one to click through on stuff like that because I know the risk involved. But every once in a while I'm tempted enough to go over to one of the legit sites and take one of the quizzes (okay, I've taken more than one). What's pretty funny is that they are often quite accurate in describing my personality. It's amusing to say the least. 

After I get done taking one of the quizzes, I'll laugh out loud and Hubby will ask, "What's so funny?" and then I'll tell him I took a quiz and he'll never guess what my result was. So every time I've taken a quiz, Hubby has ended up privy to the result. 

Last week, we were texting back and forth during the day and I sent him a link to an iPhone cover I had fallen in love with. He sweetly ordered it for me before replying and then texted me that he had. I admitted that I couldn't make myself order it on my own (it felt too self-indulgent even though it was just an iPhone case to replace my broken one). His response was, "I know... you freak-a-zoid" followed by "I love you".

My response?

Referencing all the quiz results I've had in the past few weeks I texted, "Anyone who is Tinkerbell AND Mary from Sherlock AND Amy Farrah Fowler AND Belle AND Lord Grantham is definitely a freak-a-zoid."*

He texted back that I made him laugh out loud (really). And the visual of all those characters mashed into one, makes me chuckle right now as I'm typing this.

And for the record... I forgot to include in that text a few other results. I'm most like the Avenger Captain America. And if I were a character from Once Upon a Time I'd be Emma.

* For those not familiar with the characters listed they are as follows:
  • Tinkerbell from the Disney movie Peter Pan
  • Mary Morstan from BBC's Sherlock
  • Amy Farrah Fowler from CBS's Big Bang Theory
  • Belle from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast
  • Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey
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