Coming to love a mountain

I grew up without it on my horizon. 
I didn't understand its allure. 
But then I moved to within sight of it. 
And I understand the hold it has on those it watches over. 
Legend says that those born within its shadow
may try to leave it for a time
but will always be drawn back to live in its presence once again.

I finally understand.
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  1. I grew up vacationing in the Rockie Mountains. There's definitely an allure to those dramatic monolithic beasts. It does the eye good to have some variety in the landscape. Here, on the prairies, we have lots of rolling hills and they have a soothing quality that I like.

  2. Mountains definitely get in ones' blood, as does the lure of the ocean. Glad to hear you're feeling better. And all that progress your hubby has been making - wow! It won't be long before you're working in your new, light-bathed studio and then spring will be very near. Your camelia is just beautiful...a very nice gift from our Creator. :)

  3. We have a mountain on our horizon and that is something new to me, since we moved here. I would miss it a great deal if we ever had to move.



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