It truly is a wonderful life if you always remember, "play" is the action required to start every great film... including your own

This evening, on his way home from work Hubby stopped at the store (he often does since he does the grocery shopping). I came into the living room to find the television screen full of the start menu of one of our favorite classic films "It's a Wonderful Life". He had cued it up to surprise me. He had found the dvd at the store and bought it.  I wandered into the kitchen to find that he had bought a little advent calendar full of chocolates. I opened the little "window" for December 1st and handed him a chocolate. Then I opened the little "window" for December 2nd and popped that chocolate in my mouth.

A thought... an idea... a concept that's been percolating in the back of my mind this past holiday weekend started bubbling to the surface and taking form in words instead of just feelings and impressions.

I went back to the television with the start menu still up for "It's a Wonderful Life"... the thought continued to take shape.

I went and got my camera and photographed the television (Hubby thought I was a bit odd at this point... but that's normal).

Then I sat down and started playing with the photograph on my computer–letting the words that had bubbled to the surface in my mind come out onto my screen on top of the beautiful graphic from the dvd.

I thought to myself... It truly is a wonderful life. But I have to engage in the process for that wonderfulness to happen. I have to take action. Just like I have to hit the "play" button to enjoy a great dvd, the smallest actions can bring about wonderful and beautiful experiences. Those small actions are like hitting the "play" button of my life, taking me out of "pause" mode or "waiting" mode and making my life story or "film" roll forward one scene or even one frame at a time.

It's the little things that make life rich. Those things rarely cost money and usually don't require a huge amount of planning and preparation. Like when Hubby decided to try his hand at making a homemade cherry pie last Friday. He knows I love cherry pie. And he asked me earlier in the week, "How hard is it to make a cherry pie?" I told him I didn't think it was that involved. He hunted around on the internet and realized it wasn't hard at all. So while I was sleeping in on that lazy post-Thanksgiving morning, he went down to the kitchen and baked a cherry pie... for me. It wasn't elaborate but it was one of the sweetest and most kind gifts of love from him to me.

A homemade cherry pie... a little advent calendar... a classic Christmas movie on dvd... by themselves they aren't much. But when combined with love, they are the things that make up a truly wonderful life.

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  1. I love these happy thoughts! So much of having a wonderful life is our decision to HAVE a wonderful
    Hugs and love

  2. Beautiful thoughts such as this can only come from beautiful individuals like you. Such a lovely post. Thank you,Cindy.

  3. I am grateful that you recognize and appreciate me, although I don't do it for those reasons... :-)

  4. It absolutely IS the little things, the little gestures of love and thoughtfulness, that make life wonderful. That cherry pie is SO yummy looking!

  5. I loved this post!!!! And that PIE is just beautiful...and delicious, I would imagine. :)
    You're so right Cindy. We have to be active participants in our life to really be living the life. And those little things all wrapped up in love? Well, they're just about the sweetest ever!!
    p.s. that is just about my most favorite movie EVER! I still cry when daddy's reading the note from Clarence, and then the bell rings. Oh my!!

  6. You're being too profound for me today ... very deep thoughts ... so wise and so right on target.

  7. Send him over here to show me how to make a wonderful pie like that!!Or maybe he can show my husband, since I don't have a great track record with my pies.

    He's so sweet to you...a advent calendar, and a DVD...what a darling.

    Oh, and yes Bootsie...nothing like a loud crash downstairs in the dark, early morning, when the husbands already gone out.


  8. How neat that your husband baked you a pie! It looks wonderful!'s all in the little things...thank you for this reminder during such a hectic season! Beautiful post! xo Jen


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