I love Autumn... but I'm not a big fan of the fall

I love Autumn... but I'm not a big fan of "the fall"... "the fall" of the leaves, that is.

The leaves look so beautiful as they change colors while on the tree--nature dressed in the same colors I love to wear myself.

As brilliant as the inside of a tropical fruit, the orange-yellow leaves of the pomegranate is a delight to behold... until those leaves start loosening their grip and descending to the ground and pond below.

Every day or so I sit on my "tranquility bench" with pool net in hand sweeping leaves off in gentle strokes being careful not to scoop up little mosquito fish in the process. It's slow, methodical and eventually very rhythmic.

As I sit on the bench, I look above me at all the leaves still hanging on.

I know I will be scooping those out in the days to come.

There's no easier way to do this delicate work.

I am the steward of a backyard wildlife habitat, and I must be gentle in my stewardship opting for slow and methodical sweeps of the net over get-it-done-quickly techniques that would most likely involve noisy leaf blowers or nets over the pond that would prevent animals from getting the water they need while our region still waits for the replenishing autumn and winter rains to fill up seasonal ponds again.

The "tranquility bench" takes on a slightly different purpose this time of year, yet I still find tranquility there.

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  1. Wait...you have a pomegranate tree?!?

    I *Hate* leaf blowers and other noise producing contraptions. I figure Nature knows what she's doing and the fallen leaves serve a purpose, harbouring insects and sheltering seeds. I think your system is a lovely one, in harmony with the divinity and all it's creatures.


  2. The thought of perching on the edge of that lovely pond, skimming gently...is very relaxing.

    I totally agree with you, I hate the leaf blowers and other things also. In fact, other then the occasional and very rare time we have to blow off the driveway we don't use ours. Mostly we sweep the driveway and walk of the fir needles because they migrate inside too much.



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