Even hummingbirds get itchy sometimes

photograph taken in the Rosehaven Cottage gardens 
28 October 2013

My mind is focused on hue, saturation, restoration and recovery.
One photo at a time gets preserved from the family albums.
I rest my eyes and back while wandering the garden paths.
I check the water level in the pond.
It's low.
I turn on the tap to replenish it for all the critters that drink from it.
Meandering out to the front garden, a tuxedo kitty greets me with raspy meows.
I sit on the porch to pet her.
Together we wait.
For what, we don't know...
Any movement that catches our eyes.
The tiniest chirps approach from the distance.
I see her sip sweet snacks from the red Japanese honeysuckle.
Then she lights on a leafless buddleia branch
And scratches an itch.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a capture! Those peaceful moments spent in quiet contemplation with a kitty by your side are moments to be cherished, are they not?


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