Late August in our little part of the world

A quietness has descended on our little hamlet--a quietness that feels anticipatory but peaceful.

Afternoons bring...
Days that aren't quite so hot...
Breezes that are a little more refreshing...
Tiny birds flitting from the sky to pick seeds off
the heads of petal-less Lazy Susan's.

Nights bring...
Cooling breezes off the Bay...
Twinkling eyes peeking out of the storm drain as a mama raccoon leads her babies to "training" in our pond leaving the water lilies leafless...
Faint whiffs of the perfume of a skunk surprised as it digs for grubs in the dry August soil.

Neighborhood children are in school...
no longer playing outside...
no more adventurous stunts on bicycles accompanied by excited laughter and cheering.

A lull between work crews here at our cottage
as we wait for them to come back and correct some work done last week
gives us time to organize and do some clear out of other areas we will be working on.

And dragonflies still flit in the twilight sky overhead each evening
catching dinner on the wing
reminding me that winter is still quite far away.

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  1. And thank heavens for that. I'm not at all ready to be house-bound and have darkness descend before I get off work.
    I've noticed a quietness in the last days of summer as well...isn't it interesting? I was thinking about this just the other day, and pondering that maybe that's why "they" refer to this time of year as the "dog days". Seems appropriate. I find myself feeling more laid back than usual, and not having much motivation to working on projects. And yet at the same time, looking forward to cooling, brisk mornings which always inspire me to get busy outside and storing up for the coming winter. It's always a circle, this amazing circle of life. I'm getting used to it.

  2. We're having something of a heatwave, right now. Our neighbour kids don't go to school until next week - I think. Your sunflower looks so pristine! Mine is looking quite scruffy, poor thing.

  3. Lovely post, I can feel the cooling breeze waft through the garden each night here, and on your post too.

    Kids are back to school not a moment too soon next week.



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