Chapter 13 (cont): New beginnings and promising horizons

I never thought I'd love the sight of a safety-orange traffic cone as much as I do the two that are sitting in front of our garage right now.

The work crew was back today bright-eyed and raring to go... except they got word from the county inspector that the inspection would be happening between 1 and 4 p.m. instead of the preferred time in the a.m.

So that kinda put a damper on the crew's plans... kinda...

Most work crews would just kick back and hang out until the inspector came. But not these guys. They had other tasks they could do without the inspector's visit. So they dove right in and hooked up the drains and pipes, drilled into the side of the subterranean storm drain box, created a connection to the downspout coming off the eaves, and finalized them all before the inspector got there. Nice.

Look at how beauteous the connection is on that downspout (below). You have no idea the relief I feel knowing the winter rain will go right down that tube and back to the storm drain instead of gushing out right in front of the garage door.  

In all the excitement of actually getting this job done, I had forgotten that there would be two drains! One drain is in the driveway (below) and the other is in the middle of the utility area of our side yard (above). No more slogging through ankle-deep water in my Sunday shoes on Easter Sunday ever again!

The concrete pour on the footing happened this afternoon once the inspector signed off on the forms and everything. Fortunately, this crew has a great working relationship with the county so the permitting process goes a lot smoother than it could working with another contractor company. It's a joy to work with these guys.

I can't help but smile looking at the beautifully poured concrete footing with the bolts coming out of the top of it. That's where the framing for my new studio window will bolt into the new foundation.

It's all really happening!
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  1. Time to watch a rerun of "Money Pit" --It's all really happening!

  2. Cindy! Excitement! I love those beautiful drains.

  3. Very exciting and a huge relief for you, I bet!


  4. I can well imagine the relief and comfort this brings. We don't have downspouts at all, yet...

  5. How wonderful Cindy, I am sure you will be relieved to have your home safe and a beautiful place to create.
    Have a happy week.
    Love the tomatoes:)

  6. I totally understand your love of good drains...they are so important when it rains.

    Living in a house without eves, due to the giant towering fir trees too close by, we have systems in place to capture and move away the infrequent storm water. Well some systems, we need to upgrade what they have done a bit more.

    Loving the photos of the work as it progresses.



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