A yellow rose is the promise of a new beginning

Years of Septembers starting out with
new grades,
new teachers
and new learning horizons
embedded in my mind
that August is the month that teeters on the precipice of new beginnings.

My heart often yearns for
the beginning of a new school year--
to feel the excitement of anticipating the frontiers that held
new knowledge,
new insights,
and learning new skills.

It seems fitting that the yellow rose should be the symbol of the promise of new beginnings.

August is the month of sunny yellows and bright oranges--
colors that radiate the warmth of an August sun
shining on beachgoers as they enjoy the last few weeks of
a summer no one wants to end.

August finds my heart torn between two worlds...
that of the endless-summer-seeking beachgoer
and that of the anticipatory student.

At once
holding on to every sun-filled moment to savor it and hope it never ends
looking to the horizon wondering what adventures lie beyond.

The roses featured in this post are 'Golden Showers' climbing roses

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful sentiments Cindy!

  2. These are beautiful, Cindy! This time of year does seem like such a fresh start, doesn't it?!

  3. So pretty! I like learning, but not the anticipation of attending school Too anxiety producing for me, truth be told.

  4. I'm with Carolynn, and kind of glad that going back in September is over.

    But it does feel like a page is turning, new leaf, new season.



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