"Sweet 100's" courtesy of Nature herself

The light from the window hits the skins of the tomatoes...
light just right to bring out their ripe vibrant red.

Just outside that same window is where they grew.

Little red miracles
planted by nature herself...
over ripe fruit dropped last fall
onto the waiting brown earth.
Winter and spring rain watered the forgotten seeds.
Morning sun coaxed the seedlings into being.

The first midsummer harvest yields much...
four whole cups.
Still more are left on the vine
to ripen a teensy bit
and ensure their juicy perfection.

The harvester is giddy.
He loves tomatoes more than candy.
To know how they came to be,
makes him all the more giddy.

As full of wonder and delight
as a six year old walking
the rows of a vegetable garden
for the first time.

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  1. Your tomatoes look yummy! I love a sweet cherry tomato. If I get as many tomatoes as I have blossoms right now, we'll be swimming in them, soon. *fingers crossed*

  2. Oh my gosh, your writing makes me giddy with delight. We have one tiny one almost ready, I can taste is already..sun warmed, green stem fragrant in the air...bugs rushing around doing what bugs do...maybe a bee pollinating the next tomato for us.



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