Pain, pain go away come again some other day

Notes to self:
  1. When it is excruciatingly hot and humid outside, don't try to fill up the green waste cans just because collection is the next day.
  2. When Hubby tells you it's time to come inside... listen to him.
  3. When you are staggering from heat exhaustion, don't try to do just "one more thing" even if it's just bending over to pick up your pruners.
  4. When you feel a tweak in your sciatic region, ice it immediately and don't let it get so aggravated that it goes into full spasm.
  5. When you ignore all of the above advice (because you know you will): lay down; let your back heal; don't try to go out and photograph anything; go through your archives of thousands of photos to find one to post (like the one above); re-post-process the photo on your iPad while you're still laying down... and try not to be too wistful about how you could be escaping this blistering heat someplace else cooler not too far of a drive away if you would have followed "notes to self" 1 through 4.
By the way, I shot the above photo 
while I was looking up 
from the streets of San Francisco's historic Chinatown 
on a visit a few summers ago.

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  1. Oh girlllllll I feel your pain, oh sigh. Cindy!

    Hope you feel so much better soon.


  2. Doing just "one more thing" never seems to cure much. However, resting and reading through "Rosehaven Cottage" would be a wonderful cure! You have so many beautiful past photos! Feel better, soon.

  3. Cindy, I hope you feel better soon. Your photo is awesome, by the way.

  4. Oh, no. I've been there! Take care of yourself and you will soon be snapping pictures again.


  5. You must learn from your wise old auntie, "It's another job, for another day!" And from DeLoris, "You're not 30 anymore!"

  6. I know the feeling, all too well. And, the thing that sends everything into spasms seems to have been so innocent, like picking up pruners, for instance. Hope you feel better soon!!!


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