The lilacs are blooming...

The lilacs are blooming... the air is heavy with their heady perfume. 

The cherry tree is blooming... the song of the house finches floats through its branches on the spring breeze.

The violet is blooming... tender little violets with a fragrance so graceful and sweet.

All are reminders of precious people and places... bookmarks in my heart leading to pages holding the highlighted passages of my life's story.

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  1. Such beautiful words and photos. Thank you.

  2. I can smell them in my memories...what a beautifully visual post...both in images, and words.


  3. I absolutely adore lilacs. I'd love to plant some this spring, but we may not be able to manage it this year. Your posts about spring bursting forth in your backyard are bordering on cruel. *wink* We're listening to another blizzard raging outside. I've about had it with the snow. There's so much white, I literally have to wear my sunglasses even on the cloudiest days. Enough already.

  4. Lovely mom's favorite. Ours will be blooming soon, but not quite yet. I just wish they lasted longer. My daphne is still in full bloom, mmmm delicious scent!

  5. Beautiful!! Lilacs are my favorite flower, brings back wonderful memories of home and my grandmother's beautiful gardens.


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