Spring and new beginnings

Surrounded by new beginnings both in the garden and out, I find myself pondering life's miracles both big and small--births, transitions, new beginnings, the rites of passage that are part of living.

Saturated with reminders of new life and renewal, the season of spring is hopeful. Even after the harshest winter, new life does come and days do become brighter.

Just like the oxalis that I allow to grow and bloom in waves of buttercups so the drabness of winter doesn't completely envelope my garden views, the "weeds" of life can often bring beauty if viewed differently.

Sometimes it seems like life's winters are too harsh for there to be any hope of a brighter future. But right under the surface of the trial, like daffodil bulbs nestled deep in the dark soil, blessings are waiting to come.

Daffodil bulbs need the stress of winter to bring forth their delightful spring beauty. Human beings need trials to become who we are meant to become.

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  1. Oh how lovely that spring has arrived on your doorstep. We're still in the depths of winter.

  2. I totally agree...and I think I saw a quote somewhere that had the same meaning...

    Beautiful spring shots Cindy.


  3. Beautiful flowers! I agree that we all need a bit of "refining" in the form of trials that test our faith, and build our strength and stamina for whatever life throws our way. We blossom into the people we are to become just like the flowers. Nice reminder Cindy! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. :)

  4. This is so beautiful, Cindy...your words and photos both :)


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