Lucy and her Carmex

I usually don't post videos (opting for photos instead), but I really wanted to share this one.

Our weird kitty Lucy LOVES Carmex lip balm. Every night before we go to bed she jumps up next to me and wants me to get out a completely spent tube of Carmex I keep in my nightstand. All she wants to do is sniff it and rub on it like it's catnip.

The other night she got a bit vigorous with her rubbing... and ended up regretting it.


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  1. Silly Lucy! I could see our Dorothy doing something like this.

  2. At first she really looked like she was into it...but then at the end, she had a funny look on her face. Maybe it doesn't taste as good as she thought.

    Cute little one.


  3. This made me laugh right along with you and Brent! Love this funny kitty!

  4. That's hilarious. Don't you just love their eccentricities? I wonder if there's catnip in that lip balm? *smile*

  5. Lucy is adorable..her little video made me laugh :)

  6. Hilarious! Maybe it smells like ear wax? Cats LOVE ear wax. (I know...STRANGE.) It looked like she gagged there towards the end! One of our cats (Baby) squeaks like that when she's throwing up. She gags and gags and then lets out that little high-pitched squeak right before she vomits. LOL.

  7. That squeak at the end? it was a gag. She was rubbing so hard on the tube of Carmex that she pushed it against her throat and caused herself to gag. That's why it suddenly wasn't any fun anymore. But the next night she was back asking for the Carmex again so it didn't traumatize her permanently.

  8. Oh man! That was so hilarious! What a funny kitty. And that little squeaky gag was too funny.

  9. She's too funny! I think you ought to buy her a case of it and take out stock in the company!

    What a silly cat fetish!

    She looks so well and beautiful, Cindy. You must be taking great care of her.


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