It's hard to believe but it's already that time

I moved the chaise lounge from the deck down into the garden today. It was time. The sun is too warm and intense for me to bask in it like I do in January. It's hard to believe that it's already time to transition from basking in the sun as it reflects off the bright white deck to lounging in the dappled sunshine as it glints through the leaves of "the thicket".

I dragged the chaise lounge down the stairs and lugged it past the palm tree, hitting the encroaching fan fronds as I passed by. The garden kitty supervised my work as she scampered only a few feet away wondering what in the world I was doing now.

The chaise lounge and I passed under the lemon tree that is laden with beautiful yellow fruit (so many lemons I'm afraid we can't possibly use them all). Beyond the lemon tree, I bullied the chair across the flagstone clearing to the spot where it will sit for the next six months--under the wisteria.

As if to welcome me and my chaise back, the wisteria is blooming one solitary bunch of aromatic blossoms looking very much like a bunch of grapes hanging just over the spot where I will spend many afternoons and evenings until autumn comes. On warm afternoons, I'll be watching hummingbirds flit around the lemon tree that is in perpetual bloom. In the evenings as dusk envelopes the garden, I'll sit wrapped in a cozy throw as I try to spy a grey fox just passing through.

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  1. Beautiful Cindy...I too am on that path that you took the chair, and can smell the wisteria....

    It's so much nicer then the below zero temps we have right now.


  2. Gotta love that garden! A lot of work went into creating it and now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  3. Ah, that all sounds so wonderful! I can hardly recall being outside in the sun, enjoying the flowers and all the prettiness around me. Hopefully the snow will melt here soon and I can get outside, like you!


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