Spring has officially sprung

When the hyacinths peek their fragrant heads up through the tangle of winter grasses, I know that spring has officially sprung. The nights may still be chilly, but the garden knows that spring is here. On hills and glens not far away, I spot almond blossoms coming forth on trees left to fend for themselves. Yes, spring has arrived. 

Another arrival has occurred. A pale pink camellia has been adopted into the garden. She has lived her life in a pot for the last decade and a half. My mom couldn't keep her so it was time for this "pink lady" to have her roots put into the earth here among others that have now become her sisters. Already she is happy. Soon she will be as tall as the "old lady" on her right and the "showoff" on her left.

The "showoff" has been dazzling us with quite a show. Thanks to Hubby's expertise in installing windows, we can now enjoy every moment of this brilliant camellia's performance even on the rainiest of days. 

The bees are busy on the north side of the house where all the camellias live. The saucer-sized blooms have the bees in quite a tizzy trying to decide which bloom to explore next with their chubby pollen-laden legs. As I meander down the shady path, I hear their happy buzzing and it makes my heart sing.

Spring has officially sprung.

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  1. Oh, lucky you! These are all so pretty! I wish my eyes could see some flowers instead of snow. Where do you live that you have such nice weather? I'm guessing California :)

  2. Cindy your photographs are stunning!
    Lovely to see the spring flowers as we welcome Autumn's sweet changes.

  3. Send spring over here please...it's snowing like the dickens.

    Cindy these images are pretty amazing...loving them.


  4. Oh, hyacinths with their heavenly scent are like salve to the soul! And that pale pink camellia is just beautiful...and you have honey bees! Oh my, spring has arrived in your neighborhood. Last week, I would have said, in ours too. But this week we're are still in the throes of winter. Ack! Temps in the low 40's, rain and gusty winds. Brrrrr...

  5. Okay...now I'm getting ticked off. ;o)

    We still have so much snow here - which is okay, it's still enough of a novelty to be interesting. But, come on! You must live in a doosy of a micro-climate there, Sister. *sigh*


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