For sunshine, daffodils and lemons in February... for these I am grateful

Oh blessed February! On the darkest day of the winter solstice I yearn for this month to arrive with its respite of sunshine both from the sun and from the garden.

The daffodils, jonquils and lemons glow yellow as if heralding to the world that the days are indeed growing slightly longer.

I chase the light with the lens of my camera and with the lenses of my eyes. I drink it in like rays of lemonade. I bask in its warmth and listen to the birds chirping out their courtship rituals around the bird feeders filled with seeds because there are not enough bugs to go around yet.

And I am profoundly grateful spring comes in February in the Bay Area.

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  1. I'm always in awe of how bountiful your garden is - at any time of the year. We just had our friend build us a few more mountains of snow this morning with all the snow drifts that had accumulated in our driveway again. It is going to be one mucky spring when the weather starts to warm up...Enjoy all the yellow in your garden. I'm still buried under white stuff.

  2. Beautiful pictures of sunny yellow Cindy! This year February has been a blessing for us as well. We were just speaking about how our winter this year has been more mild all around, seems shorter and less rain. All those are blessings, but we look forward to warm sunshine and spring as well. Happy Valentine's Day beautiful lady!!! :)

  3. I'm grateful that you have sunshine, and a camera, and lemons, and daffies...and you are sharing them with us.



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