"A room without books is like a body without a soul" ~ Cicero

Today is a rainy day... a pouring-down-buckets-of-rain kind of day.

Many years ago, I fondly remember another day just like today when a dear friend said it was the perfect weather for Jane Austen and introduced me to Pride and Prejudice.

This image is dedicated to her and the wonderful literary-themed experiences we've had. I cannot think of Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, opera, or the above quote without thinking of her.

This is for you, Holly.
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  1. You are so sweet, my dear friend! I think we're long overdue for another rainy day Pride and Prejudice session. And, I too have some wonderful memories of literary times we have shared. I cherish them. Thank you!

  2. I love this quote ... and we live it in our house ... which is full of books (to overflowing in places) ... says the woman with three boxes of rose books given to her by a friend sitting on her dining table. Books tie friends together.

  3. Wonderful quote and so true. We are surrounded with books in nearly every room. If there is a bare wall, we have library shelves. It's such a comfy feeling.

    Beautiful photo!

  4. I've been enjoying my Kindle these past couple of years, but I've gotta say - nothing really compares to a great book you can cradle in your hands. I have sooo many books, I don't have room to display them.


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