The rains have come... autumn has officially arrived

After much anticipation, the rains came late Sunday night. And suddenly it is autumn.

The refreshing moisture comes in big drops, 
washing away the dust of summer and leaving everything clean and shiny bright.

Roses the size of teacups become teacups themselves
as the rain collects in the curves of their petals.

Every divot, nook and cranny turns into the tiniest of reflecting pools.

The sun-loving bougainvillea finally gets a chance to feel raindrops on her 
before her leaves fall at the first sign of frost.

The tropical beauty of the canna lily leaves get the same privilege as well.

The sun peeks through as one weather system moves past us to the east--
possibly bringing snow to those much farther inland than we are. 

Then the garden waits for the next rainstorm to blow in off the Pacific.

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  1. Beautiful.. I like these posts, they contain so many well-done photos.

  2. Cindy, Such beautiful photos (as always). You do have roses the size of teacups! Love the photo of the water drops on the leaves. Isn't nature wonderful!

  3. You make rain sound so refreshing. *smile* Winter has officially arrived here, sadly. It's not showing up on my blog yet - I can do whatever I want in my alternate world and there, it's still autumn. *grin*


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