Blogging and the joy of looking for "ladybug moments" in my life

My good blogging friend Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams asked three blogging questions in a recent post. Her questions are:
1. The main reason I blog is _____________________________? 
2. Blogging is part of my life, how much of a part is it? _____________________. 
3. I use blogging to ______________________________ in my life?

After reading her questions, I started thinking... a lot.

"What are my answers to these questions?" I kept asking myself.

With these questions swirling around in my head, I went on throughout my day doing the things I needed to get done on my "to do" list. One of my "to do's" was to send out inspirational letters to women in my church congregation that are unable to join us regularly. I have three women that I write to on a monthly basis as part of the visiting teaching program of the women's Relief Society in our congregation. Every month I hunt for a quote that I feel will resonate with them in some way. Sometimes I write the quote in a store-bought card and sometimes I create the card from start to finish. It's always a bit of a challenge finding the right quote. I always search with a prayer in my heart.

I found the quote I wanted (above) and then decided to pair it with a photo I took 5 years ago on a short trip I made with my mom to find some fall color north of us. We were winding up a less-traveled highway through a canyon filled with brilliant colored fall leaves. At one point we pulled over so I could take some shots. That's when I found the ladybug walking on the brilliant orange leaves of an oak tree sapling. It was there as if it was waiting for me to take the shot.

As I continued working on the card I would print and send out, I reflected on Jen's questions as well as the quote and the photo. The swirling thoughts began to come together. By the end of the process, I had my answers to Jen's questions.

The main reason I blog is...
The main reason I blog is to capture those moments that have made me feel grateful and brought me true joy. The moments are fleeting and can be easily missed--just like seeing a tiny ladybug crawling across an autumn leaf. I photograph things the same way. Here on my blog I write the words that are in my head about the moment I tried to capture photographically. If I don't write it down, it can easily be lost in the bustle of life, and then it's gone. That glimmering feeling that made my heart sing with pure joy for just a second or two would be lost if I didn't write it here.

Blogging is a part of my life... how much of a part is it?
Blogging is a constant undercurrent in my life because I approach it a lot like journaling. I try to capture vignettes and "ladybug moments" that are real and special so I can share them with my Hubby who is often at work when these moments happen. He's my best friend in the whole world and most of my blog posts are for him so he can feel connected to this place we love and cherish.

I use blogging to ??? in my life
I use blogging to stay grounded in what matters most in my life. The exercise of capturing those moments of joy and then showing my appreciation by recording them here on my blog keeps a sense of childlike wonder alive inside of me. In the New Testament of the Bible in Matthew 18:3-4 it says:
"...Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
I believe that there is so much God wants to bless me with including insights into my real potential from His perspective. I am His child. He is my Heavenly Father in every sense of the title "Father". I believe that if I strive to see my life as if through the eyes of a child, He can share so much more with me than if I get bogged down in being a grownup.

Somehow trying to capture "ladybug moments" to share with Hubby keeps me from getting too bogged down in the mire of being an adult. Finding the magical moments to embrace, cherish and then share them with Hubby (and everyone else who reads my blog) in the hope that he (and you) can embrace and cherish those moments too, keeps that childlike spark alive and flickering inside me despite the winds and storms of life that try to snuff it out.

Come what may, I will continue to look for "ladybug moments" wherever I go. If I have my camera, I'll photograph the moments as best I can to capture the essence of that special blip in time. And I will continue to record them here on my blog... if for no one else than for me and Hubby.

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  1. Cindy,
    You have such a wonder way of describing how even tiny "ladybug moments" are actually the important moments of our lives that too often slip away. Your photographs and your words capture these moments so beautifully. I'm so happy to call you my "blogging" friend.

  2. Marvel,
    I count myself very fortunate to have you as a blogging friend... Very fortunate indeed! And I'm thrilled that you are blogging regularly again. I've missed you.

  3. I enjoy reading the underlying reasons here.... yeap, gardening has a purpose and blogging put some permanence into ever changing world of gardening. I guess we have witnessed hundreds or may be thousands generation of plants.

  4. Cindy, what a beautiful post, and I love that we all gain inspiration from each others.

    Blogging is a very important part of my world, it is like a online journal, it's a also a record of how, and what I was feeling, thinking, experiencing at that time..

    I love to go back and see how I have grown...

    Love your post.


    1. Thank you again Jen for making me think and ponder. Your questions helped me to see truths I needed to see. I love to go back and read past posts too. That also helps me see things I need to see.

  5. I love this happy post. I remember these photos from before. My favorite is where you've captured the leaves fluttering down. Lovely insights.

    1. That's one of my favorite photos too, Joanie. I even made it into an online invite because I love it so much.

  6. What a beautiful and thoughtful post Cindy...thank you for sharing your special moments with us. I put some thought into Jen's questions too, and mine are similar in that I approach blogging much like a journal of our lives. I would like to capture special moments in time too, otherwise like you said, they might be lost and forgotten. Your comment about your mom and you sharing a simple drive in the country, sharing time and conversation...made me wistful about similar times shared with my mom. I only wish I could reach out and call her just to have a conversation. I miss her so much. Thanks for the memory. Beautiful inspiration from our Father in heaven too...I'm so glad we're children of God!!!

    1. It is so hard when someone we love leaves us here and we can't have them in those spontaneous moments as we would like. It's particularly hard when its a parent I think. I think that's why journaling and blogging are so vitally important. We can hold on to those moments for when we need them later.

  7. Jen sure started something with her questions. *grin* I love your ladybug moments and I agree wholeheartedly with your quote. Even in our darkest days, there is something to be grateful for. I have so many reasons for blogging that it boggles my mind. It's definitely a part of my life that's here to stay.

    1. Yes, Carolynn, you and Jen both have a way of doing this to me... making me think, making me laugh or smile, helping me see things more clearly. Thank you for being one of my best blogging friends.

  8. Beautiful reasons, beautiful reflections, Cindy. And you accomplish all of that in your posts. Reflections and gratitude are always the best part of life.

  9. Cindy,
    Your post is inspiring. I have wondered those same questions about my own blog, but know there is enough of a purpose for it to keep at it. The questions were great, and your answers thoughtful. Thank you!
    Amy Parks


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