Sprucing up my container garden with perennials to brighten the autumn days ahead

As September progresses forward, I can finally venture back out into the garden. One of the first garden tasks on my list of to-do's was to get all the terra cotta pots on the back deck in order. I plucked out the old withered annuals, repotted some perennial herbs and began transplanting my latest acquisitions from our local nursery.

Ever since seeing mounds of it spilling out of containers at a coastal hotel resort a couple of years ago, I've wanted to make lantana a permanent resident in my container garden on the back deck. The festive colors of lantana remind me of popsicles, brilliantly colored Mexican serapes, and a tropical island all at the same time.

After I finished transplanting some of the lantana, skipper butterflies seemed to come out of nowhere and began fluttering around the blossoms. I was very pleased. I knew I'd chosen well. I always try to plant with the pollinators and butterflies in mind. It's the reason why I chose yarrow to plant as a companion plant next to the pots of of lantana. I was entranced by a deep red variety that I hadn't seen before. It's name is "Strawberry Seduction". I can see why.

At the nursery, I discovered another perennial that intrigued me. It's one I'm not familiar with--Globularia "Blue Eyes". The little pincushion flowers are adorable and any blue flower will win my heart instantly. The foliage is a silvery bluish-green and thick like olive leaves. I think it will look lovely in a pot next to the newly trimmed up lavender I have growing in pots already.

In the late afternoon almost-autumn sunshine, the newly potted lantana seemed to glow like festive little party lanterns. Yes, I am very happy with my decision to add this wonderful perennial to my collection. Between now and when our first frost comes (probably not until December), I will be enjoying these little beauties as the sun casts autumnal rays over them with an ethereal glow.  Then they'll go to sleep until spring and delight me all over again.

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  1. Pretty, pretty. I'm suddenly craving a popsicle...I'm serious.

  2. Your photos fill me with a nostalgic wish for summer to start all over again. That way I could grab armfuls of lantana, in colorful hues.

    But we only get one chance at summer, and it's over for us.

    But only until next year.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. So Beautiful Cindy! I also love Yarrow and your Lantana is so pretty. Thanks for the heads up about Globularia "Blue Eyes." I love a blue flower too.

  4. You make the world that much more beautiful! I love all of your flowers. I'm jealous. Can you please buy me a house and then be my full time gardener? I said "please."


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