It's a hot July day in the gardens of Rosehaven Cottage

Today is a the kind of day we often get in July. The temperature is hovering around 95F (35C). Even though I'm thankful the temps haven't gone up into the triple digits (above 38C), it's still hot with the sun baking everything.

The fennel's as high as an elephant's eye (to borrow a line from Oklahoma), and on days like this the pollinators are out in full force swarming around the blooms (above). If we cooked with fennel pollen like some of the chic chefs we've seen on the Food Network, we'd be set.

The air is often still without a breeze leaving the flag undisturbed--not even a flutter.

The rudbeckia that's been in bloom since January is showing some signs that it really preferred the cool weather to this heat.

When the days are hot and cloudless, the birds and bees are very thirsty. That means for frequent visitors to the bird fountains.

It also means there will be frequent fights at the bird fountains--even between the normally amiable Mr. and Mrs. Finch (and family).

There are places of respite like in the shade of the pomegranate, plum and lemon trees around the pond. Blue damselflies find places to light on the saucer-sized lily pads growing over the entire surface of the pond while naturalized mosquito fish and goldfish dart around in the water underneath.

And an unseasonal California poppy volunteer, that would usually only be growing in February or March, finds a cool shady spot to put forth the tiniest of blossoms.

As for me, once I take my stroll around the garden to check on everything, I go back inside where the air conditioning keeps out the heat. I'll wait until evening before I venture back out again.

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  1. Love this post...
    That rudbeckia on the left... yeah, that's how the heat effects me too.
    Hugs and love,

  2. You have the best garden. *smile* Sadly, going out in the evening around here means being swarmed by little bloodsucking mosquitoes. They're really bad this year. Enjoy your little piece of heaven.

  3. We get attacked by those little bloodsuckers too but only if we don't use our Off! spray. And Cindy, this is absolutely beautiful and can easily go unnoticed.. I should know, I live here and don't see everything you see.

  4. And my husband says I get grumpy in the heat, good to know that it's not just

    You have the eye my dear, love the visit to your garden.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Hi Cindy,

    This is a lovely post! I love that you pointed out all the little flowers inside the center of the Sunflower. Very cool!

    I also wanted to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Here's their website:

  6. Thank you, Jana! What an honor! You've made me smile!!!!



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