Solving the conundrum of sharing the fruits of my labors

Over the years, I've noticed a phenomenon with my blog. When I post about "life stuff", readers leave comments or send me a private email. But when I post about "work stuff"... well... it's like in the cartoons when you only hear the sound of crickets. I don't know why that is but it has made me reticent to post anything about my professional creative pursuits. 

Here's my problem... a huge part of who I am is that creative professional. Being creative and running my design studio takes up most of my day. I spend hours on end in my home studio. So when it comes time to blog, I'm always faced with this conundrum of whether I share anything that I'm doing and risk the "sound of crickets". 

Consequently, my blog posts end up representing only a fraction of who I am. Yes, I am a nature lover and steward over a small backyard wildlife habitat. Yes, I am also a survivor of some serious DIY projects.  

But I am more.

Here's an example of what has happened to me many times. I'll be in a conversation with someone in person, and they'll mention my blog as something they enjoy reading. Then they'll ask, "So what do you do for work? Anything other than work in the garden?"

*sigh* [my conundrum has once again reared its ugly head]

Or here's another example that's happened more times than I can count. I'll be in a conversation with someone in person and suddenly they'll say, "You're a graphic designer?!?! You design stationery?!?! I had no idea. So-and-so just ordered their wedding invitations. I wish I'd known. You probably could have designed exactly what they wanted instead of what they settled for."

Again... *sigh*

I thought of a potential solution. Add a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to this blog. So that's what I did. Look up at the top right and you'll see the "FAQ" link. In some of my answers in the FAQ, I include a link to my newly created "Design services and fees" page (or click here to see it). I hope you'll take time to go visit what I've written. 

Oh... I guess I should add (just for the record)... I am a designer, illustration artist, and photographer. Rosehaven Cottage Inc. is the name of my design studio where I create beautiful custom stationery, custom web elements, logos and just about anything else graphic design related.  That's what I "do for work". And, yes, I design invitations and other stationery. So don't ever settle for something that kind of looks like what you want when I can design something that looks like the invitation of your dreams.

And hopefully after I post this I won't get the "sound of crickets" as a response.
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  1. I totally understand the crickets. Hartwood Roses started as a garden blog, but that was too restrictive. So, I branched off into different avenues of my personality ... and now I do whatever I want. Can't say that I have received more than a few rose orders from blog readers. That's okay. I enjoy writing and sharing, and that's all that's important.

    Now I'll have to run off to see what your new FAQ page is all about.

  2. Well I for one try and leave a comment as much as I sorry about those crickets.

    It's hard to read all of the 200+ blogs that I read, and leave comments every time. So lately I have been trying hard to leave a comment when someone leaves me one, well that worked for about 2 days, and there went my mornings. All of a sudden it's 8:30 and nothing is done, and I started this at 6:30.

    I know that commenting fluctuates greatly, sometimes there's lot's and sometimes there's little, many bloggers have been talking about this.

    I love your FAQ, read the entire thing, it's a great idea. Very well done.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. No sound of crickets from me Cindy! The FAQ link is a great idea!

  4. So funny, as I am reassessing my life and the new directions my career path may take, I find myself thinking about you and your studio and the wonderfully creative work you produce and I've wondered how you do it - make a living at it, I mean. I'm going to check out your FAQ page and see what wisdom I can glean there.

    As for the crickets, I've noticed from my stats counter that I may get several people visiting any given post and only a small fraction of those will leave a message. I like to think that what I've posted has been so fantastic that it leaves my readers speechless. *grin*

  5. I liked your FAQ and price break-down pages. I think that is a great idea.
    And maybe this is just me... but I get lots of crickets to my blog posts. I write my blog for me and if others like to read over my shoulder then that's ok with me.

    Love you,

  6. I know what you mean about crickets, Cindy. While, I get a fair amount of comments, I can definitely see a difference in them based on the topic of my post, they'll be fewer or seem kind of, I don't know what the word is...generic, maybe? I still post about whatever I like though, it keeps it more interesting for me :)


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