All is right with the world... until it isn't

The above photograph is a perfect metaphor for my life right now. I took this photograph last week because the garden was finally trimmed and coifed and looking like I want it to look. When I sit down not far from the spot pictured above and relax in my chaise lounge, I finally don't feel the compulsion to go over my to-do list because of all the things I see that need doing.

After I took this photograph and was post-processing it on my computer, I took a closer look...

That's poop. Probably grey fox poop (otherwise called "scat"). Or maybe it's raccoon poop. But it's still poop.

Even when I thought I had everything tidied up and "just so", I discovered later that there's poop in the scene.

Why is this a metaphor for my life?

In my last post, I wrote about the wonderful experience Hubby and I had enjoying the summer solstice in our back garden and the miraculous sighting I had of a grey fox. To quote A Christmas Story, "All was right with the world."

Little did I know that 24 hours later I would be laying on a gurney in the ER waiting for the results to come back from a chest x-ray, ultrasound and blood tests to determine why I had pain in my upper right abdomen and chest.

I had already determined that I could thank the heavy cream in the Coldstone Creamery ice cream I had the evening before (just before enjoying the summer solstice). Before heading to the ER on Friday evening (in rush hour traffic), my general practitioner had seen me in his office right before closing for the weekend. He concurred that my suspicion was probably correct about the ice cream (since I usually don't indulge in heavy creams and fats). He thought I might have a clogged bile duct in my gallbladder and strongly (STRONGLY) suggested I go to the ER to have further tests done. What I wanted to do was just go home. I asked if I just couldn't do that. He said no. The possibility of an infection was a risk I shouldn't take, in his opinion.

So I went to the ER. Such a "fun" and "romantic" way to spend a Friday night with your Hubby, don't you think?

By 10:30 pm, I was being sent home (the place where I'd wanted to go in the first place). My heart was fine (I knew that). The ultrasound showed I didn't have any gallstones (that was good). But... BUT... the ultrasound showed that my liver is enlarged.


So just like the metaphorical photograph above, I thought after my surgery a year and a half ago that I had everything cleaned and tidied up inside me, and I was ready to get on with my life. But then along comes an enlarged liver (my proverbial pile of poop) to besmirch the tranquility of my path forward.

There are many things that can cause an enlarged liver. I have my suspicions what has caused mine, because I've had some definite warning signs.  I still have to consult with my general practitioner after more blood tests to try and determine the true root cause. The past few days have been uncomfortable and achey as all the muscles on the right side of my torso try to recover from the muscles spasms I had for about 36 hours straight. I'm eating foods that are high in antioxidants to give my body the tools to reduce the swelling, and I'm paying close attention to what foods make me feel worse and what foods don't.

Needless to say, I can't garden like I want to, and the Cecile Brunner roses that were ready to go into the ground last week are still in pots waiting. Fortunately, I got a lot of cleanup done over the past month so I can go out and sit in my chaise lounge under the wisteria and just relax instead of compulsively seeing things that need to be added to my to-do list. That's the good thing.

Now if the washing machine hadn't decided to freak out and start making a horrendous racket today, I'd be set. *wink*
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  1. Cindy! I'm sorry about the *pile-of-poo* in your liver! That isn't a nice thing. I hope that you get this resolved and are feeling better soon.
    Hugs and love

  2. Oh my. The poo picture did give me a giggle, I have to admit. But, I didn't enjoy the last bit about your liver. What the heck?! I'm thinking good thoughts and expecting the best possible outcome for you. Sheesh!

    Come visit me, I'm having a giveaway. Maybe it will help to minimize the poop factor, just a teensy bit.

  3. Oh dear. That's not good--the liver I mean. But it's good that it's not your heart. There's poop, and then there's POOP.

  4. Cindy I am so sorry things are not going well for you.
    I do understand with my own large pile of Poop nearby!
    Life can be so hard.
    Thinking of you and hope you will get the help you need to feel much better very soon.
    Wendy xo

  5. "Metaphorical pile of poop" ... I think I may borrow this from time to time. It would be appropriate in so many situations.

    Friday date night at your house leaves a lot to be desired. (I hope things go better for you soon.)

  6. Oh Cindy, that's awful...just when you start to get over the last one....

    Thank goodness you have a great doctor, and he gave you good advice.

    I really hope that you recover soon, no one needs a pile of poop in their life.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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