Enjoying the coral-colored brilliance of the annual pomegranate blossoms

With the close of May comes the bloom of the pomegranate bush. And it doesn't matter how many years I witness it, the color of the bright coral blossoms never ceases to intrigue and delight me. I left the photos for this post as close to SOOC ("straight out of camera") so I could share their brilliant hue.

As they mature, the ruffly petals of the pomegranate blossoms flutter down onto the pond below and float like brightly colored confetti left over from a party I just missed--nature's confetti.

The bush always produces far more buds than it can turn into mature fruit so some of the waxy-based blooms fall off along with the petals. I find the vivid stars in nooks around the pond. A few end up on my bench where I often sit and meditate wishing that a hummingbird would come and sip on the blooms that are still attached on the boughs just over my head.

I often get my wish.

My hummingbird friends, along with the other pollinators that frequent the garden, are helping the pomegranate do its job of producing fruit. By autumn, the waxy bases of the blooms that have remained on the bush will have ballooned to hold hundreds of rubies filled with tart pomegranate juice. 

For now I am content with enjoying the profusion of the tropical-looking flowers that make me smile. 
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  1. I love the beautiful star-shaped blossoms! What a treat. I had a pom-tree in the backyard on Bernal... sadly, I over trimmed it and never got fruit :(

  2. So beautiful! You make me wanna go plant something! Of course there little in the way of yard between my potted plants & tiny balcony...but someday I can have a garden where I can sit & watch the animals & enjoy my own oasis :)

  3. I have always admired a friend's pomegranate. He surprised me last year with a tiny pomegranate of my own, propagated from his tree. Mine is now the centerpiece of my garden of English roses. The tree and the roses are still small ... thank you for reminding me about what I have to look forward to in the coming years.

  4. Every day a new surprise from your garden and what a garden it is! Wow. I'm seriously impressed. My impression is one of exotic pleasures, peace and serenity, and magical moments. Perfection.

  5. And such a chance for us who will probably never see this kind of blossom to view it.

    What a adorable color, I see a new crush coming on.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. I've enjoyed my glimpses of 'heaven' here on your blog... lovely blossoms!


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