A sea of yellow sunshine

Pacific coast native iris

I had never heard of Pacific coast native iris until I ran across some at our local nursery a couple of years ago. I bought some, brought them home and planted them in a pot at the edge of the pond. Even though they were irrigated as part of the drip system they weren't really prolific bloomers. They always looked kind of spindly and rather sad like they were on the verge of kicking the bucket at any moment.

A year ago I transplanted them into the ground in a raised bed I'd formed from chunks of concrete left over from one of my demolition projects. I put a dripper at the base of each of the three plants and hoped for the best because they looked really pathetic.

They hobbled along all last summer but didn't look too great. "Oh well," I thought.

This year I didn't make it out into the garden very much in March when we had some rain (finally). So imagine my surprise when I wandered out in the garden a couple of days ago to find this...

Pacific coast native iris

The whole raised bed is packed with iris! It is a sea of yellow sunshine!

I guess it goes to show you that sometimes a lost cause isn't really a lost cause at all... it's just an opportunity waiting to take root in the right soil.
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  1. Wow, perfect title for that photos. What a lovely surprise that must have been.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. And rain...don't forget about that. "Pacific Coast Iris" the name says it all. We get rain at least 6 months out of every year, and mild temps, and that's why Iris flourish here. They are beautiful though, glad they decided to bloom forth for you!!

  3. Sometimes this applies to people too...

  4. I can smell them from here! I'm not joking...I saw the pic and smelled iris (and they aure as heck aren't here yet!) :)

  5. They are so beatiful - and perfect! Hane

  6. Beautiful flowers, you sure have a green thumb. I can barely grow basilico:) I am a new follower. Hello from rainy Rome!


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