Reminiscing as I walk through the garden between rainstorms

A walk through the garden between rainstorms
Morro blood orange blossom

Our little Bay Area micro-climate just got soaked with 2.65 inches of rain yesterday. For those not living here that may not seem like a lot, but for us in the Bay Area it's a big deal since it always seems like we're on the verge of a drought. Hubby's rain gauge was quite full this morning and I was pleased.

A walk through the garden between rainstorms
Strawberries in bloom

The rain started early yesterday morning and continued into the evening as Hubby and I huddled under a large golf umbrella to get to the car on our way out to dinner. As he deposited me in the passenger seat and ran around to his side of the car, I remembered that on the same date 14 years ago it was pouring rain. I wore white and the same golf umbrella was used to shield me from the rain as I walked next to my groom to have our first photos taken as a married couple among the spring blooms in the gardens of the Oakland California Temple where we had just been married. The rain stopped for a brief 40 minutes or so, giving us enough time to take photos and then it started pouring rain again.

A walk through the garden between rainstorms

I guess depending on the culture, rain on one's wedding day can be a good thing or a bad thing. We've found our marriage to be a very rewarding and happy union so in our case the rain wasn't a bad thing. As it says in an Irish wedding blessing "Happy is the bride that rain falls upon." That was definitely true in our case.

A walk through the garden between rainstorms

As I walked in our gardens today, I found little vignettes that reminded me of the gardens we found when we honeymooned in Victoria, British Columbia. Our lilacs along the southern fence have blooms that are like little cups filled with rain water. Very few things can rival the smell of rainwater-filled lilacs except maybe hyacinths after a rain shower (which we discovered at Butchart Gardens on our honeymoon).

A walk through the garden between rainstorms
Bay laurel blossoms
(this is where bay leaves come from)

Interestingly, while it continued to rain here in the Bay Area for the 10 days we were gone on our honeymoon, it was beautifully sunny in Victoria. I think it's usually the opposite with Victoria getting the rain while we stay dry. Funny, isn't it?

A walk through the garden between rainstorms
Native Pacific coast iris

When the weather forecasters here in the Bay Area begin to marvel at why we're getting so much rain in March, I remember that it really isn't that odd after all. As the late March rainstorms wash over us I remember that it seems to happen every other year or so (like the year we were married). But somehow people forget.

A walk through the garden between rainstorms
Ornamental kale in bloom

I can see how people forget though. The older I get the more one year seems to meld into another. Was it really 14 years ago that we started our lives together? It often seems like it was just yesterday.

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  1. What a beautiful bunch of flowers! I really love the lilacs, they're one of my favorites. Happy Anniversary to you. Now that it rained on your anniversary, maybe you're doubly blessed :)

  2. So many congrats on 14 years of marriage, that's quite the accomplishment. Many, many happy more years and wishes to both of you.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Happy anniversary! such beautiful flowers and memories.
    It rained on our wedding day too and that was in spring in Australia, September, 29 years ago!
    Many blessings for many more happy years together:)

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a lovely walk down memory lane. Are all those plants and flowers really blooming in your garden already...?!? If so, then I'm positively green with envy.

    1. Yes Carolynn! All these photos were taken yesterday when I was walking around the garden after the rainstorm had passed. March is full of blooms here. Although the lilacs are a little early this year. The rest is on schedule. It's why I love living here and never take it for granted.

  5. Thank you all for the well wishes! You are all such wonderful blogging friends!!!!

  6. I remember that day! You were such a beautiful bride Cindy and Brent was the handsome groom. Such a wonderful day.

    Happy Anniversary to two of my dear friends!

  7. Thank you, Holly! It was so wonderful to have you both there sharing that very special day with us. You have no idea how much that memory means to me.

  8. Cindy:
    Your garden is beautiful. I love the early blooms with raindrops on them. Can't believe it is 14 years! Where does the time go?

  9. Your garden is so gorgeous! I miss all the wonderfulness that is CA and my awesome family there :)


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