I suppose we all have our rebellious streaks... here are a few of mine

First tulip

In general, I have a very "straight arrow" personality. My whole life I've done things by the book, abided the law and I don't even try to sneak a peek at Christmas presents (didn't even try when I was a kid).

But in the garden, it seems I have a rebellious streak.

I know that tulips aren't supposed to do well here and if you do plant them in the garden they'll only bloom one year and then be gone the next. I planted them anyway about 5 years ago. And I left the bulbs in the ground after they were done blooming. Inevitably, every year since at least one or more come back. I'm always surprised when the first one blooms, and it thrills me that I beat the odds again another year. Maybe that's really the thrill of living on the edge that I'm feeling.

Pond side view

I know oxalis (commonly known as shamrocks) are essentially weeds. And I know that letting anything grow around the base of a citrus tree isn't good for the tree because it needs all the nitrogen it can get. But as March draws near I can't help but let the glorious green oxalis flourish in the various beds around the garden until it blooms in splashes of yellow buttercup blossoms. It puts me in a mood to go leprechaun hunting like we did when I was young, and until St. Patrick's Day comes and go I feel compelled to let the weeds stay. Aren't Scots-Irish known for being rebellious by nature?

Spring flowers at the base of the olive tree

I also know that photographing in direct sunlight is against the rules of photography because of the severe shadows that bright light casts. One should either photograph on an overcast day, photograph in the early morning (not going to happen with this night owl), or later in the day as the sun casts a golden glow before it sets. But I often throw that rule out the window when I see a beautifully backlit tulip just begging to be photographed. I can't help it.

I'm such a rebel.
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  1. Who decided weeds were weeds anyway?

    That orange tulip is absolutely Stunning!!

  2. Oh you rebel....LOL. Setting a great example for us, keep it up.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. A girl after my own heart. <3

    Love this post, Cindy!

  4. I like your rebellious spirit, for I have my rebellious side as well. I don't like opening gifts before it is time...I don't like ruining the surprise. Your garden is better for your rebellion...I can tell.

  5. Your garden is wonderful. You are a rebel with a cause.


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