A sick kitty takes precedence over photographing camellias

February means camellias

Outside the windows of the north side of the house, the camellias are blooming right on time like they do every February. And despite they're glorious display, I can't get out to photograph them right now.

I've been tending to our sweet kitty Lydia after a complex surgery last week to remove a large and aggressive tumor we found quite suddenly on her abdomen. Fortunately, we have a trusted and very talented veterinarian. We found the tumor, got her in to see him the following day and he scheduled surgery to get it out and, in his words, "in a jar where it belongs".

Lydia has been the ideal little patient as I've kept her isolated in a warm and cozy recuperating space I arranged for her in my studio. She heals while I work. And she's enjoying the one-on-one time with me immensely even though having to wear the "cone of shame" is not something she enjoys at all.

For now the camellias outside have to wait (hence the repost of the image above). I'm hoping the camellias will still be blooming when we finally get clearance from the vet that Lydia can resume more normal activity. That may be later today. We'll see.

Update: Lydia got clearance from the vet to begin resuming more normal activity and exploring more of the house than just my studio. She doesn't have to wear the cone-collar anymore unless she starts biting her incision site. So I'll still be watching her like a hawk.
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  1. A beautiful picture:)
    I am so sad to know your kitty has been so ill.
    I fully sympathize, one of our dear little cats is dying and it is so hard to watch and be able to do nothing to help.
    They are so precious.
    Wendy x

  2. We are so very sorry Lydia has been sick. We are sending healing purrs.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Lydia, but it sounds like she is healing nicely. Simba, my 16-year old male, was a little slow and not feeling well a few days ago. I was planning to take him to the vet when he began to snap out of it. Maybe he was just having some bad days. I hope Lydia continues to heal and be at your side for a very long time.

  4. Oh no, poor kitty. I hope she gets well soon ♥

  5. Poor little girl. It sounds like she's getting excellent care and attention though and I'm glad to hear she's already well on the way back to perfect health.


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