Lessons from the hyacinth

Hyacinth and jonquils

Our warmer-than-normal February temps have prompted a profusion of spring blooms to burst forth from the garden. The pink hyacinths are earlier than their purple cousins so they get to share the stage next to the little sunny faces of the jonquils.

I am always struck by the life lessons I learn from the garden.

After photographing the hyacinths, I started the post-processing in my studio and noticed there were details that the camera had captured which hadn't been evident to my naked eye. The cluster of the hyacinth with its lines and forms often distracts me from seeing the subtler and smaller details.

I was struck by the beauty of each flower within the cluster--how it looks like a watercolor brush has streaked the pink color down the center of each petal. I was struck that in the center of each blossom were intricate details. And then I noticed the light dusting of hyacinth pollen on the petals.

I have to ask... if I missed so much detail in this simple flower (and I was really looking) how much detail and beauty gets missed in the world around me throughout the course of a day... a month... a year?

I don't want to miss beauty like that.

Up close and personal with a hyacinth
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  1. These are so pretty! I always find it interesting that I seem to miss so many little details when I'm photographing something too. Sometimes this isn't such a good thing though...I'll see something that's sticking out awkwardly or some such thing and I can't believe I never noticed it before.

  2. It's true, there is so much beauty in the world that we miss by hurrying by in a rush. My life seems to be picking up the pace again, much to my dismay.

    That's what I love so much about macro photography. The little details that are so often overlooked.

    How lovely that you have spring flowers already. We still have snow on the ground here.


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