January is when the rosemary blooms periwinkle blue

January is when the rosemary blooms

A decade ago I browsed the herb section of our local nursery and picked up little 4-inch pots of various herbs. All the herbs came home and I put them in the ground right outside the kitchen window. Among them was a small little rosemary plant.

That same transplant is now a rosemary hedge that I keep cut down to just a little higher than the height of the white picket fence that borders our front garden. When I prune it the heady fragrance of rosemary wafts throughout the entire garden and settles all over my clothes, hair and skin.

The rosemary's grey-blue-green foliage has seasoned many of Hubby's culinary creations. Its winter blooms of brilliant periwinkle have provided much sweet nectar for countless honeybees, hummingbirds and other pollinators. When I see the blooms beginning to come out like they are now, I know that spring is not so far away.
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  1. Hello. I found your blog through Bliss and thought I'd stop by for a visit. Beautiful rosemary!

  2. How pretty. I can never get any of my herbs to grow big & robust like that, never mind last through a winter. Perhaps this year, when I can plant them in the ground, instead of in a pot, they'll do better. Here's hoping.


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