A twilight walk at the marina on a golden August evening

As the sun slips down behind the hills to the west,
geese fly low over the water
honking as they slip home to their nests.

A twilight walk at the marina

The water laps quietly against the rocks of the shoreline
gently bobbing the boats in their berths.

A twilight walk at the marina

Ducks and geese get a bedtime snack
from a family's offerings of bread crumbs and bits.

A twilight walk at the marina

Lady ducks glide over water that shines like a rippled mirror.

A twilight walk at the marina

The oak-dappled hills are ready to stand guard over our sleepy town
and the wetlands that are ready for the restfulness of night.

A twilight walk at the marina

Goodbye sun. We will see you tomorrow.
A twilight walk at the marina

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  1. Great writing here! I love your poem. and the photos are the perfect touch.

  2. You have brought us to the edge of the water, and shown us the sun setting, casting that late evening golden glow.

    Cindy, I loved this.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I'm so glad I found my blog links again. I've missed you!

  4. LOVE it! I remember being there and it's such a delightful place. You need to make more photo books :) You're storytelling ability is fantastic!


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