Here's what happened to the Vidalia onion that was FedEx'ed from Georgia

We debated... should the onion be made into onion rings or should they become a wonderful pile of caramelized onion goodness. Friends put in their votes. We capitulated. In the end, two lovely steaks were pulled from the freezer to thaw and this bad boy was given the honor of being caramelized by the very talented Chef Hubby.

As he prepped and cooked, Chef Hubby took photos with his iPhone, so I could share them here on the blog.

Onion 1

Onion 2

Onion 3

Onion 4

Onion 5

Onion 6

Onion 7

Onion 8

Onion 9

I am happy to report that my steak was smothered with a pile of all that onion-y goodness and that Vidalia onion lived up to its reputation. Georgia can be proud.

Now a little bird from Texas tells me there's an onion from the Lonestar State that rivals the Vidalia--the Noonday onion. I'm thinking the Texan may be right. My Grampy was from Texas and said the onions were so sweet he'd eat them like apples. I just gotta get my hands on one to find out.
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  1. Yummy! Caramelized onions are one of our favorite things. Sometimes I do mushrooms too. We must have them on steaks and burgers!

  2. French onion soup...I'm just sayin'. Never made it but that onion would have inspired me to do so :) Amazing how something as simple as an onion is delicious!!!

  3. Oh my gosh it sounds like me and the tomatoes I got from Oregon when we visited last fall. Tomatoes here have absolutely no flavor and I grew up in Ohio where produce was delicious. I bought 4 tomatoes and they made it all the way home...and then I savored one each day just like an apple....


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