Another lesson learned from nature: even hummingbirds can look chubby in photos

Hummingbird silhouette

My photogenic hummingbird friend was completely unaware that she was the focus of my photo shoot as she sipped nectar from the blossoms of the Eureka lemon. I liked the back-lighting effect from the late evening summer sun, so I turned on my speed shutter and snapped away.

It wasn't until I got back in the studio to post-process the photos on the computer that I made an interesting discovery. Look at the adorable shot I managed to catch as she flew away...

Hummingbird silhouette (outtake)

I had to giggle. The graceful sleek little hummingbird looks like she has a backside that's quite chubby. I know she really doesn't. But the angle of the photo makes her look like she does.

A valuable lesson for those of us that hate to see ourselves in photos... photos don't necessarily reflect reality. They can even make a hummingbird have a "bad side".
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  1. Nice. Big butt Birds. Awesome :)

  2. *snort* It does look like she's having a little trouble getting lift off. *smile*

  3. I lover her chubby little butt!


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