A lizard named Scott: How he and his buddies help me grow strawberries, oranges and tomatoes

Coast Range Fence Lizard

We have a number of lizards that live in the nooks and crevices of our garden. Over the last few years I've built raised planters made out of chunks of concrete that needed to be re-purposed (it was that or send it all to the landfill). The planters were built with the lizards in mind because the planters offer lots of "hide-y holes" to get out of the rain but are also great for sunbathing (something lizards LOVE to do). I also have various sized rocks stacked around the edges of the pond I dug. The lizards like those too because they can sunbathe close to the water and snatch bugs that come by.

If I walk through the garden with calmness, lightly treading the paths, I can often catch a lizard sunning itself like the one pictured above. The little guy (or gal) is a Coast Range Fence Lizard Sceloporus occidentalis bocourtii that is native to our part of California.

During the summer and into September, I will often see very tiny little lizards scurrying about. Those are the babies that have recently hatched. They are less timid than the adults and will often let me get very close to snap a photo of them, sometimes cocking their head in curiosity as I approach.

I love having the lizards as part of my garden. Why? Because these lizards eat lots of small bugs including crickets, spiders, ticks and scorpions. The lizards live in the raised planters that my citrus trees are planted in as well as my strawberries, tomatoes and other seasonal veggies. They eat the bugs and I get to grow pesticide-free produce. It's a perfect partnership!

And you may be wondering why the lizard is named Scott... well... when I showed this photo to Hubby he said, "That lizard looks like a Scott". That's why.

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  1. Scott's a cutey and looks like he's wearing a sweater with little cross stitches on it.

    What a great home you've created for these little guys! I was talking to The Frenchman this weekend about the kind of garden I'd like to have when we get our country cottage and I told him about you & how you'd help us create a proper wildlife habitat. I'm looking forward to it!


  2. He DOES look like he's wearing a cross-stitched sweater! LOL

    I would LOVE to assist you and The Frenchman to create a garden that's a wildlife habitat. That would be such a joy!!! I can't recommend it more highly as a way to grow veggies and fruit.


  3. Now you have me seeing the sweater also, LOL.

    He's a cutie.

    Do you have snakes there? If so what kind Cindy?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. So funny! I love to watch them doing their little push ups. One summer we had a pair that hung out together and when "he" (as I'm sure he was) did his push ups for "her" (as I'm sure she was), it was adorable.

  5. Heidi, I like when the lizards do push-ups too!!!


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