The dance of the skippers and the romance of butterflies

Butterfly romance series No. 1

The sun is finally out after seemingly endless days of unseasonal cool rain and grey skies. The critters in the garden aren't wasting any time enjoying the warm rays.

I took a stroll through the mid-afternoon garden with my camera (and new lens) to see what serendipitous moments I could discover. I always stop at the potted lavender that attracts so many pollinators to its blossoms.

I spotted the female Skipper butterfly first (above). Then she began to flutter her wings while remaining on her perch (below).

Butterfly romance series No. 2

A frantic flapping male quickly fluttered into the scene (above).

Butterfly romance series No. 3

She kept gently fluttering her wings while he flitted all over. He was so fast and fleeting, it was hard to track where he was.

Butterfly romance series No. 4

She would flutter to another stalk and the dance would commence. Then she would move again, and it would continue once more. Sometimes she would take flight and the two would dance in mid-air around me, performing a high-speed reel. I stood in one place and turned to see where they would sashay to next... to the mandarin tree... to the lavender... to a nearby stalk of milkweed... and back to the lavender.

So intrigued was I in the frenetic pace of their courtship. Romance seemed quite exhausting from my vantage point.

I have to chuckle. It's much the same with people in love. The frenetic pace of romance, particularly young love, seems so exhausting to those on the outside of the gyrations of courtship... yet many onlookers wish they could join the dance with their own partner nonetheless.

Sipping the lavender
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  1. I enjoyed hearing about this love dance. How wonderful to observe their courtship.

    BTW what is your new lens?


  2. Thanks, Joanie! My new lens is a 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens for the Sony Alpha DSLR cameras.


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