Look up and see the wonders and miracles that surround you

Thanks to the time required for my recovery the pace of my life has slowed down significantly. My priorities have shifted significantly as well.

The state of my recovering body has forced me to be still a lot. For me, sitting still begets pondering. Pondering begets enlightenment, inspiration and guidance. And those precious gifts beget more stillness... the kind of stillness that lets the world of nature happen around me as if I'm not there. It is a stillness that awakens my senses and lets me see with new eyes--eyes that can see all the wonders and miracles that surround me every day if I slow down enough to pay attention to them.

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  1. Glad you are taking the quiet time nicely...and enjoying it! Sometimes we fight it, and what's that all about? Like we don't have enough times we when have to suck it up and pitch in? Enjoy it cutey, and know I'm here thinking of you :)

  2. That is an amazing photo! And why does the title of your post make me think of "On A Clear Day"? :)

  3. Excellent advice and such a beautiful image. So glad to hear you're recovering well.


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