As soon as I turned my back, the cat was in the dryer *sigh*

Thomasina in the dryer

This has never happened... never! In the 10 years we've had kitties here at Rosehaven Cottage, I've never had Thomasina jump into the dryer while I'm loading or unloading it. She's meowed and cried from the nearby table asking to be picked up so she can see in, but this evening when my back was turned to put a folded item in the laundry basket she nimbly and silently jumped into the dryer and immediately disappeared in the folds of the newly-dried quilt contained within said dryer. She was ready to bed down and take a nap in there! Good grief! Life around here is like herding kittens... literally!
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  1. I love snuggling into things fresh out of the dryer. Good thing you saw her though, the rascal!

  2. Isn't she just precious! One of my cats did that once.

  3. She knows that she is absolutely the cutest little thing in there. What a great shot.

    I wonder what it is about cats and fresh sheets? They all seem drawn to clean linen.

    Boo LOVES it when I make the bed, he scampers under the sheets to hide. It actually takes me three times as long to make the bed when he "helps'

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Jen-

    I have the same problem when making the bed! Thomasina thinks it's a game just for her benefit. She's such a little wiggly worm all over the sheets as she tries to "soak in" the new smells. Too funny!


  5. She is so cute! I have had cats jump in the dryer usually when they are kittens and very playful. I am always afraid I won't see them, and they will get caught in the dryer.

  6. She knows a cozy nook when she sees it... you'll have to be extra vigilant now that she's found that spot!

  7. Oh gracious! That's hilarious, and the photo is perfection.

    Reminds me of this, from my own house:


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