Autumn in the Rosehaven Cottage gardens: White zinnia

White zinnia

Scattered seeds some time in June or July
Hoped for quintessential summer pom poms
No seeds sprouted
Must have been a treat for the birds
Then one blossom comes in November
I don't remember planting white
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  1. Cindy, so beautiful. I love the little yellow stamens. Such a beautiful shot.
    Love you

  2. Hi sweet lady! Wish you could come help me with my backyard. It's pretty but so blah. I need to learn what to plant for my climate and what grows well here. I'm really hankering for some hydrangea and some peonies but I have no idea when to plant them. I need to visit a garden center and make a list of!

    I think it's so wonderful that the little white bloom managed to come through. Zinnias have always been one of my favorite flowers. My mother used to plant many colored zinnia's in our front yard. They always remind me of home.

    Deanna :D

  3. wonderful! and i love the lettering for "White" =)

  4. Beautiful photo! It is always great when the garden give us a nice surprise.

  5. Life is full of surprises isn't it, this was a good one. I love that you turned such a beautiful flower into a beautiful shot.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams.

  6. So pretty! I think of your little cozy haven on the nasty day lovely to think of some type of greenery alive in the the world when I am wearing WAY too many layers.

  7. Such a pretty little surprise. That reminds me, now that I have access to my balcony again I want to plant a few bulbs in my pots for spring posies.



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