Pearls of color filled with air

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  1. Very pretty. Naturally, the bubblegum pink one is front & centre. *smile*

  2. This photo is so lovely it makes me feel like I am floating on air.

    Looks like it took a lot of work to create, but it was worth it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Sarie likey. Reminds me of last night at the Red Robin when the grandmother-type gave the small child in her arms 2 balloons to hold, one of which was almost immediately released to bob forlornly along the ceiling. Grandma had to have help to pull it down again, and all the while I am thinking, "WHY did you just hand the kid a balloon? It is Baloon101 that at any given moment the child WILL release it, then promptly whine about losing their balloon!" But then I had another thought: floating away balloons are such a lovely sight, roaming happily free of the gooey grip of toddlers. Oh, and then they don't bob around your car all the way home, which is truly obnoxious.

  4. This is such a beautiful picture, and it does look like a nest of lovely iridescent pearls. I LOVE it.


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