Two legs
Two arms
A face and a nose
Parts that all work
That should be enough

Running water
A roof over my head
That should be enough

A husband
A home
Purring kitties at my feet
That should be enough

I will keep repeating
That IS enough


I'd love to take credit for the illustrations in this post, but, alas, I cannot.
They are fun graphics generated by A&E's website madmenyourself.com.
I did think it was fun that one of the backgrounds to choose from was the bedroom above.
It looks a lot like my own bedroom.

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  1. A crumpet of toast and a cuppa coffee...that makes it purrrrfectly enough! Praise God!

  2. You are amazing! But just like everyone else, I know you have rough days too. I am just glad you hang in there every day, because you inspire me and make me extemely happy! Love you cute cousin :)

  3. That's a mantra I need too. It's hard to remember that sometimes and I needed to hear this today too. We have ENOUGH as well.

  4. We live in a society that consumes and wants more, always more. It's been ingrained in us from a very young age. Just last night, I said a prayer of thanks for all the blessings we enjoy that others the world over do not share. I have to remind myself that I have everything I need and more besides. Too many blessings to count, really.


    P.S. You are enough.

  5. YOU are enough...it is true...
    lovely and dear post~!


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