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'Frisco in the Fifties: Shopping at I. Magnin
The background photo in the above piece came out of an old family photo album and really was taken in the 1950's in San Francisco.
The illustration is a watercolor of my own creation.
I'm hoping to do a full series called 'Frisco in the Fifties because San Francisco and its history are so dear to my heart.

I am coming up on the three year anniversary of this blog and also the anniversary of me embarking on the journey of self-discovery and re-awakening the artist within that had stayed dormant for a decade.

The journey has been interesting thus far. It's far from over. I don't think it ever will be... thankfully.

I'd never been very open about my creative process (I'm really a cynical introvert by nature). The blog changed that... a lot. I think it has forced me to create differently and explore niches and avenues that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Hubby is convinced that all artists are "tortured souls" to some degree or another. I admit that I have my fair share of artistic torture and angst. Here are some questions I ask myself that probably other creatives do too...

When I'm tortured about submission rejections of my work I ask,
"Do I want to be a trend-chaser or a trendsetter?"

When I'm tortured about my agent not calling or emailing I ask,
"Does it matter if my art sells?"

Or I ask,
"If I license my artwork, have I sold out?"

Or this is a favorite,
"Does anyone like my work besides me?"

When I sit in front of a completed painting I really like, I ask,
"Where did this come from?"

The funny thing about blogging my creative journey and deepest creative musings is that its out there... in perpetuity... for all to see. That's pretty scary, because if my creative journey suddenly takes a detour or a complete U-turn, readers that are "along for the ride" may feel like they're getting whiplash. Of course, those that are creatives themselves know exactly what's going on because they do it themselves. At least I hope they do.

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  1. Those are good thoughts, they make you grow as artist.

    I love her pert little nose...she's cute, and so retro.

    Interesting what inspires us, and even if we take a sudden u-turn, it's still our vision. That's what inspiration does to a artist.

    Keep this up, I think that you are really finding your muse.


  2. I've loved every minute of your creative blog journey. I love your art. Thanks for bringing me along.
    Love you,

  3. This is awesome and yet another example that you are gifted as an artist. Truly and completely. It's kind of intimidating, actually. *smile*

  4. Cindy, you're so creative and immensely talented. I, for one, adore your illustrations and all your other creations. Congrats on three very productive years!

  5. You are just amazing! I love all the things you do...all interesting and thoughtful and certainly inspiring. And I agree with all the questions you ask yourself (probably why I don't share my writing very far...big fear of rejection and maybejust not enough ambition to get over it).

  6. I'm new here,
    but floored by your talent and creativity.
    and that tortured soul thing... I think my husband would agree too:)


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