Celebrating summer's arrival


One of my favorite film scenes is in the Disney movie "Pollyana" when everyone in town gathers to have a summer night fundraiser and the residents are riding their bicycles to the town square with lighted oriental lanterns swinging above their heads on poles.

The thought of summer nights always "tickles" the child down deep inside of me and makes me a bit giddy for a fleeting moment.

Something about celebrating al fresco in the warm air of a summer's evening does that to me.

I don't know why... Frankly, I don't care why... I'm just glad it does.
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  1. So pretty & festive. I love the soft texture you've been using lately on your photos.

  2. Warm summer nights make me feel like a kid again too. It's a "summer vacationy" kind of feeling. Love it!

  3. what a festive image for sure...the tones are beautiful

  4. I am a little sad summer is here...it just gets so hot! I am always a bit sad when our fleeting springs and autumns end so abruptly...but at least I can wear the flip flops now!!! Your post makes me wanna run to your place for a patio party....why don't we have a 2 way teleporter yet? Just between you and me??? :)

  5. Oh this is so cute Cindy. We having summer like weather, and theoretically it is still spring. Love both. Thanks for sharing your 'adorable' thoughts. Anna :) BTW these are beautiful lanterns.


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