Rain-kissed chamomile

Rain kissed chamomile

Every year when the rain starts, chamomile sprouts come up in different places throughout the garden. Sometimes its in a pot. Sometimes its in a planter. I never know where I'll find the lacy green leaves popping up. But I'm always glad when I find them. Rarely do I pull them up. I let them grow so I can see their sunny little blooms... looking very much like miniature fried eggs... sunny-side up of course.
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Kelley Sanford said...

As an artist my first reaction is to "paint it" but there are some things to perfect to capture. This is beautiful.

Heidi Ashworth said...

And good for tummy aches!

Carolynn said...

So beautiful & cheerful. I love the drops of dew. What an Eden you must have in your backyard.

Mom and Dad said...

Your Mom & I used to eat these as kids. Our mom had an interesting name for them.

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