April showers bring...

April showers bring...

...beautiful changes--the kinds of changes I actually like. Change is a tricky thing for me. There's some change I like and then there are other changes that I really don't like. Spring brings changes I like.

In the spirit of spring-like change, I decided that the blog needed new design that was more in harmony with my website. I've had the pleasure of working for a client on a logo and blog design, and during the course of that design process I realized there were things I wanted to do to my own blog to make it more spiffy. So I did. And to be honest, I really don't mind if no one else likes the change. I like it, and that's what matters. Wow... I'm making progress!
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Sarah Elizabeth said...

LOVE the new layout! So adorable! And I love that sweet rosebud....makes me wanna see your place again in all its rosey glory :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

It's pink, it's green, what's not to like? Gorgeous photo! I'm not happy about the rain that's supposed to be coming tonight. I think it's too late in the year for it to green up the hills at all so rain, rain, go away! Hey, my editor shed no light on the photo thing, just said she appreciated my input and would pass it all on to the art director. Sigh . . .I'm pretty sure that I won't know anything more until my cover is emailed to me, probably not until about November or December. BUT, if they contact YOU, you'll let me know, right? Crossing my fingers . . ..

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Cindy, how beeeeeeuuuuutttiful!

I love it, clean, and crisp, stunning.


Loree said...

Beautiful changes all around :) I like the changes spring brings with it too.

Carolynn said...

I just went through a similar transformation, as you know. On my blog, that is. I think the transformation is still ongoing in my life, at present. Hoping to reach a rest stop soon....

LOVE the rose. So pretty.

Joanie said...

Hey Cutie-Girl. I love your redesigned blog. Very nice. I like all of your *clickable* buttons. Love you sweetie.

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