Keeping up with the neighbor

Keeping up with the neighbor

From the first year it was planted along the fence, the peach tree stood watching the plum tree on the other side of the fence. Every year, the plum tree would show off her porcelain white petal-skirts long before the peach tree could open her own pink petticoats. Every year, the plum tree would make the gardener on the other side of the fence smile and say, "It's spring!"

Finally, after a wet winter and with much determination, the peach tree decided this was her year to be first.

As soon as the sun peeked its warm face out from the grey storm clouds of January, the peach tree rushed as quickly as she could to dress for spring.

Periodically, she peered over the fence to see if the plum tree was winning. But the plum tree was still sleeping, in no hurry to get dressed.

With all her springtime frills on, the peach tree had done it!

She then bent her limbs over the fence hoping she could be the first to make the gardener on the other side of the fence smile and say, "It's spring!"

And she was.
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  1. I love this sweet post! I love the personification. Beautiful tree... hope you have tons of juicy, sweet, ripe, drippy peaches.

  2. Ditto Joanie's comment. I like thinking of my garden trees as people with personalities (funny, they are always women!).

    When my Sensation lilac bloomed for the first time last spring (after about 5 hopeful years), I think the two of us were full of smiley faces.

  3. Those are some of the loveliest blossoms I have ever seen! So dainty and delicate and the prettiest pink imaginable...makes me so happy to be coming to see blossoms soon! Talked to mom last night and she said that probably she and dad won't both be coming (due to Grandma's health) but at least one of them will (probably the Mommy!). Yeah! I'm too excited!

  4. Cindy, what beautiful prose. Very sweet!!!


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