First blossom

First blossom

The first blossom on the plum tree... every year I anticipate it. This year, I was able to witness with my eyes and my camera the first blossom. I checked all over the tree to see if there were any others and there weren't. Just this first one.

Encapsulated in that first blossom are meanings for me... courage, bravery, hope, belief, and faith.

Someone always has to be first, even if it's hard to be the first.
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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to see spring blossoms!

  2. Welcome Spring and little blossom!

  3. The only one?? Wow..yes, there must be a first :)
    Everything is blooming here although I fear we are going to have another frost before Winter is over.


  4. Beautiful bloom. Beautiful thoughts.

  5. Cindy wonderful photo and such pertinent sentiments.

  6. Beautiful. Signs of spring. I have my first blossom on my peach tree and it is covered in buds. In 2-3 weeks it will in full bloom and gorgeous.

  7. Cindy the most beautiful one too. Thanks for sharing, and non of that stuff here, as a matter of fact we are being covered by the snow. Anna :)

  8. I love your "About Me" paragraph. Makes me happy to read it and fills me with hope for myself as well as for you.

    Much love & big hugs to you!


  9. desperately waiting for spring to get out and paint but I seemed to have found a wonderful substitute with your blog. Thanks for the inspiring blooms.


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