Building a nest out of rose leaves and twigs

Building a nest

As the sun has won the battle with the clouds the past few days, our world has turned from dreary winter into gorgeous spring.

The sparrow couples have begun their nest building activities under the eaves outside my studio window. Chirping and warbling, the sparrows have obviously taken Snow White's advice to "whistle while they work". Some gathered materials fall to the deck below. Amongst the dried twisted twigs are sprigs of freshly picked green sprigs of rose leaves... and one fallen feather.

I feel a kinship with the sparrows. We, too, have built our home of "rose leaves" and "twigs"--"twigs" of foundational structure and "rose leaves" of inexpensive adornments and "pretties" just because.

And, like the sparrows, we've done it as a couple--partners in building the nest we call home.
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  1. Beautiful.

    Have you ever wondered how birds can build something so strong, with only a few twigs, and their beaks?


  2. You two are adorable! I think of all the people out there who are together and MISERABLE....and I am glad I know so many who can work it out...and love each other more than ever before.

  3. This is my first visit and I'm enjoying your blog, Cindy! My husband and I also built our little haven in the woods together. It was as much a relationship building (or deepening) experience as it was a home-building. I wonder if the sparrows and robins come to know and understand the others' traits and skills better as they build.


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