Monday Mosaic: The Color of January

Monday Mosaic: The Color of January

1. The Color of January Series: 1, 2. The Color of January Series: 2, 3. Whispers between flowers, 4. Rosemary blooming (The Color of January Series: 3)

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  1. Gorgeous! The icky winter weather around here has me down. The photos remind me spring WILL be coming.

    And I shouldn't be wishing winter away because I need to use the time to be ready- my Landscape Design business (I specialize in homeowners who will self install) launches March 11th at the Home and Garden Show. I'm terrified but excited to pursue this dream.

    How goes the schooling with you? Seems that we're both scaling mountains these days!

  2. And this is why I dream of visiting all of you during Utah's nasty winter...drizzly or freezing, I don't care! Just makes me wanna run someplace where things are alive and smell springy!

  3. Lovely mosaic I fear it will be quite some weeks before these flower here in the South of the UK.


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