Monday Mosaic: Insight


1. I know, 2. Remember when...?, 3. Sparkle, 4. Spent, 5. Autumn lacecap, 6. Up, 7. Golden coins of Autumn, 8. Roses and Apples, 9. Antiqued Abraham Darby, 10. An elephant never forgets..., 11. New and old, 12. Pure love, 13. Let your light so shine...

Last week, my photos seemed to revolve around introspection, remembering happy memories, and insights.
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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! My Abraham Darby doesn't bloom much in autumn. It gets too much sun during the summer and seems to need all of fall and winter to recover. It does great in the spring ... I guess I should move it.

  2. Neat gathering of pics! Had to look closer to see that elephant in the left hand lower corner!

  3. Gorgeous Mosaic, such beautiful photos... have a great week,.


  4. A beautiful collage ... thank you for sharing :)

  5. Oh. I missed this one. Very pretty.


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