Lighted Carnation Parfait Centerpiece

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The past two weeks I've been working on a confidential design job that I can finally write about. I've been designing projects for Aqua-Gems using their products--Aqua Gems Liquid Marbles and BrightSPOT Submersible LED Accent Lights. A number of the design projects I've created will be used in a large retail craft/fabric store account that Aqua-Gems has, but I've been given the green light to showcase them on my blog too!

The first is a lighted centerpiece I've named "Carnation Parfait". Here are the steps on how to assembly one for yourself.

Materials list:

1 parfait or sundae glass (I got mine at a restaurant supply store)
1 drinking straw
1 BrightSPOT light (I used pink)
1 package of Aqua Gems Liquid Marbles (I used pink)
6 standard carnations in a color matching the Aqua Gems you use
2 white standard carnations
1 artificial red cherry or cranberry on a pick wire (from craft store)


1) Turn on the BrightSPOT and slide the drinking straw over the bulb of the light (see photos below)

2) Place a small amount of hydrated Aqua Gems Liquid Marbles in bottom of parfait glass and nest BrightSPOT in Aqua Gems (see photo below)

3) Fill the parfait glass full of Aqua Gems Liquid Marbles

4) Position straw just to the right or left of center

5) Cut the carnation stems to 3-4 inches in length

6) Arrange 6 colored carnations in a circle around entire rim of parfait glass (let edges of carnations hang over the edge of glass)

7) Place 2 white carnations in top center (re-position straw if needed)

8) Place cherry on top by sliding pick wire down into center

And you're ready to "serve"!

Click here to visit the Aqua Gems website for more information
or to buy Aqua Gems Liquid Marbles
and BrightSPOT Submersible LED Accent Lights for this project

Disclosure: I was paid to design the featured project. I AM NOT being paid to feature this project or product(s) on my blog and WILL NOT receive compensation for clicks through to the company website featuring the product(s)
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  1. Thats really cute. Would be nice for a summer wedding or little girls birthday party.

  2. Woooow Cindy, that is really cute. What an amazing idea, and so fun to work with. I bet you had a great time. Love what you created with it.


  3. this is soooo fact everything in ur blog is so beautiful....take my breath away....
    if u dnt mind may i use some of ur pics in my art?

  4. What fun, Cindy! It's very pretty and charming!

  5. Congrats on the desing job! Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful work Cindy! I knew you were the girl for the job! I think this would be great for a little girl's ice cream social party! How fun!

  7. This is so very pretty! It looks just yummy!

  8. Oh Cindy not just pretty, but tasty. Wow you really can create amazing things. Congratulations. Anna :) PS Never been really fond of pink, but you made like this one very much.

  9. What a fun project. I could totally see that as a centerpiece for a teen's birthday or a summertime dinner party.

    Thanks for the directions! :o))

  10. This is fabulous! How wonderfully clever and creative. :)


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